Summer 2020: Accept, Adapt, and Advance

Two weeks ago, the weirdest, wildest school year ever came to an unceremonious end. Despite sixteen years as a teacher, I was stretched and stressed in ways I couldn’t have anticipated when the year began. COVID quarantine, the death of a colleague, and the unconventional end to my daughter’s eighth-grade year each took a toll.

Though it was a strange time with some difficult moments, there was a sense of peace and pause I eagerly welcomed. Compulsory calendar cancellations and the slowdown of our family’s pace proved to be a silver lining of the highest degree.

Confession: It was freeing to be released from a breakneck pace.

Sadly, our summer plans had to change also. After canceling a cross-country road trip, the framework of my summer had to be reimagined. More time writing. More time working in the garden. More time riding bikes and hiking with family. All good things.

I have a choice–embrace new possibilities or sulk. I choose to embrace.

Unexpected opportunities

I’ve been reading a lot more since quarantine began. The last three books I’ve read have one thing in common–all were written by friends of mine. This got me thinking about myself as a writer and publishing my own book someday.

One of the best ways to learn more about writing is by interacting with other writers. In recent years, I’ve gotten to know lots of wonderful writerly types. They write in different genres, hail from a variety of places, and are fantastic human beings.

I reached out to the authors of my last three reads and asked if they’d be willing to be interviewed. To my delight, they all agreed. I know I can learn from each of them and want to share their awesomeness with you also.

This summer, I’m thrilled to be sharing my interviews with three wonderful authors who also happen to be my friends. Each of them has released a novel this year, so I wanted to introduce you to them and their work.

The first interview comes out next week. Can’t wait to share it with you!

With Love and Gratitude,

Tracy is a New Jersey writer who loves Earl Grey tea, spending time outside, and painting. She lives with her husband and children in a home where birdsong and rainstorms provide the soundtrack for her creative life.


  • Marian Green

    Tracy, I’m sorry you had to suffer the death of your colleague. This virus strikes indiscriminately and knows no bounds.
    My husband and myself and two grown up children had it, but we’re all ok now, Thank God.
    I wanted to read your work on medium but I don’t have access because I haven’t paid for it. But I found your web address and am delighted.

    • Tracy G Cooper

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your readership. If you would like to follow my author page on Facebook (Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper, Author), I post friend links there for free reading for nonmembers of Medium. You are also invited to join my email community as well for the latest updates. Glad you are well and thanks again!

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